Baby Shower Themes for Boys and Girls

The year 2023 is looking bright and promising, and if you are hosting a baby shower themes, you’re in for some fantastic theme options. Whether you’re expecting a boy, girl, or keeping it a surprise, there’s a plethora of innovative and memorable themes to choose from. Let’s delve into some of the trendiest boy baby shower themes 2023 and girl baby shower themes 2023.

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  • The article explores trendy baby shower themes for 2023, specifically focusing on boy and girl baby shower themes.
  • It discusses the importance of choosing a theme that aligns with the parent’s tastes, values, and lifestyle.
  • It emphasizes planning and preparation, with emphasis on invitations, decorations, games, and food that match the theme.
  • The article provides practical tips on personalizing your baby shower with customizable banners, a message station for guests, personalized favors, and a themed photo booth.
  • It answers frequently asked questions about baby shower themes and planning, and directs readers to My Mom Shops for the best baby products.

Boy Baby Shower Themes for 2023

When it comes to baby boys, the world of themes is as broad as your imagination. Here are a few unique boy baby shower themes for the year 2023:

  1. Sports Galore: A sports-themed shower is a fun and exciting way to celebrate the arrival of a little athlete. From footballs to baseballs, your decor can represent a variety of sports, and your guests can even come dressed as their favorite athletes!
  2. Adventures in the Wild: Bring out your wild side with an adventure-themed shower. Think jungle animals, tree decorations, and greenery all around. You could even make it an outdoor event, turning your backyard into a mini safari!
  3. Ahoy, Baby!: Sail into motherhood with a nautical-themed shower. Use hues of blue and white, and don’t forget the anchor decorations! You could even have a fun photo booth with sailor hats and ship wheels.

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Girl Baby Shower Themes for 2023

When it comes to girl baby shower themes, you have endless possibilities. Here are a few creative themes to consider for the coming year:

  1. Fairytale Dreams: Celebrate the princess-to-be with a fairytale-themed shower. Incorporate elements from popular fairy tales, like Cinderella’s glass slipper or Snow White’s apple, into your decor.
  2. Garden Party: A garden party theme is perfect for a spring or summer baby shower. Use floral decorations, pastel colors, and natural elements to create a calming and beautiful setting.
  3. Under the Sea: Dive into fun with an under-the-sea theme. Use shades of blue, sea creatures, and mermaid decorations to create a magical underwater world.

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As you plan the baby shower, remember that the event is not just about the baby; it’s also about celebrating the mother-to-be and her journey into parenthood. Each theme offers a unique way to express your joy and anticipation for the new arrival. With the right theme and a sprinkle of creativity, you can make the baby shower an unforgettable event.

Stay tuned for the next part where we will delve into more universal themes and how to make the event truly spectacular!

Universal Baby Shower Themes for 2023

A baby shower is a joyous occasion to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby. If the gender is being kept a secret, or if the parents-to-be simply want a more neutral theme, there are plenty of wonderful, inclusive options to choose from:

  1. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: This theme can be both magical and neutral. Decorate with gold and silver stars and incorporate a star-shaped cake and cookies.
  2. Jungle Safari: With this theme, everyone can get on board the exciting journey of parenthood. Think animal print decorations, green balloons, and a safari-themed cake.
  3. The Little Prince or Princess: This theme leaves it open to interpretation. Decorate your space with crowns, jewels, and balloons in regal colors of gold, silver, or pastels.

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Preparing for the Party: Key Tips

With the themes sorted, it’s time to plan the party details. Here are some helpful tips to make your baby shower a huge success:

  1. Send Invites Early: Ensure you give your guests ample time to RSVP and organize their gifts. E-invites are a convenient option and can match your chosen theme.
  2. Plan a Menu: Whether you’re doing a sit-down meal or finger food, plan a menu that complements your theme.
  3. Don’t Forget the Games: Keep your guests entertained with some fun, baby-themed games.
  4. Set Up a Gift Registry: To avoid getting duplicate gifts or items you might not need, consider setting up a gift registry. This can include anything from clothes to the best baby crib mattress you’ve had your eye on.

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Baby Shower Themes for Boys and Girls


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Next, we will talk about how to personalize your baby shower and some frequently asked questions about planning the perfect event.

Personalizing Your Baby Shower

With a theme in mind and the basics of planning under your belt, now comes the fun part: personalization. Personalized decorations and activities can make your baby shower truly special. Here are some ideas:

  • Customizable Banner: A banner with a sweet message or the baby’s name (if it’s been decided) can serve as a beautiful centerpiece for your decoration.
  • Message Station: Set up a station where guests can write personal notes for the baby or parenting advice for the mom-to-be. It will serve as a touching keepsake.
  • Personalized Favors: Sending your guests home with a personalized memento of the day is a lovely touch. It could be a custom-made candle, a monogrammed baby-themed cookie, or even a tiny succulent in a pot.
  • Photo Booth: Create a photo booth with props according to your theme. It’s a fun activity, and the photos can be cherished for years to come.

By customizing your event, you ensure that the celebration is uniquely yours.

Pros and Cons of Baby Shower Themes


  • Memorable Experience: A well-chosen baby shower theme can create a memorable and enjoyable experience for both the parents-to-be and the guests.
  • Coordinated Decor: Having a theme allows for cohesive decorations and ambiance, creating a visually appealing and festive atmosphere.
  • Personalization: Themes provide an opportunity to personalize the event, making it unique and reflective of the parents’ interests and style.
  • Activity Ideas: A theme can inspire creative activity ideas and games that add fun and engagement to the baby shower.
  • Easy Planning: Having a theme in mind can help streamline the planning process, from selecting decorations to designing invitations.


  • Narrow Focus: Some themes may limit the options for decorations and activities, making it challenging to cater to diverse tastes and preferences.
  • Limited Availability: Finding specific decorations or items related to a particular theme may be challenging, depending on its popularity and availability in stores.
  • Gender Expectations: Traditional gender-specific themes might reinforce stereotypical gender roles, which may not align with the parents’ values or wishes for their child.
  • Budget Constraints: Elaborate or elaborate themes may require a larger budget to execute, considering the cost of decorations, props, and customized elements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When should a baby shower be held? Baby showers are typically held during the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy, allowing enough time to prepare for the arrival of the baby.

2. Can I use a gender-neutral theme for a baby shower? Absolutely! Gender-neutral themes offer inclusivity and allow parents to celebrate without focusing on gender stereotypes.

3. How can I make my baby shower unique? Personalize your baby shower by incorporating customized decorations, unique activities or games, and personalized favors for guests.

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