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Best Baby Thermometers of 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Having a reliable baby thermometer is a must for any parent. High fever can be a symptom of a disease or just a protective mechanism of the baby against infection, a tooth extraction reaction, or a bunch of others.

Temperature itself is not a disease. It is rather the natural reaction of the body to protect itself. But how do we choose the best baby thermometer to keep our baby safe?


Why Do We Need A Baby Thermometer?

When we are about to give birth, we always have to purchase so many baby products, and sometimes we think that the need for a special baby thermometer is some other market trick and so we use the ordinary thermometer we already have at home. And that is a mistake because:

1. Thermometers Are Not Universal

If you want to use a regular oral thermometer, it is not suitable for babies because they cannot hold it under their tongues. And if you decide to use it to measure your baby’s temperature under the arm, it would also not be a good idea since this is one of the most unreliable ways to measure your baby’s temperature.

Ordinary ear thermometers are not suitable for children, so you need a special one designed for smaller ear canals to give accurate readings

2. Thermometers Must Be Safe

If you have an old mercury thermometer, it could be a potential hazard for your child. If the thermometer breaks, the mercury can be inhaled and mercury poisoning is associated with several neurological problems and other serious health risks.

Therefore, by purchasing a thermometer that is specifically designed to meet the highest standards of safety and reliability, you can always be calm when measuring your baby’s temperature.

Types Of Baby Thermometers

Digital thermometer or mercury thermometer? Armpits, forehead, oral or rectal thermometer – what is the best baby thermometer? Most mothers prefer digital thermometers. They measure temperature most easily, quickly and painlessly. Keeping your baby stationery with a mercury thermometer under your arm is in the past.

Rectal thermometers give the most accurate measurement. However, many parents are not very sure about their use, as it can cause injury in the absence of a parent’s knowledge about their use. Another option is the infrared ear and/or forehead thermometer. So it is up to you to decide which type will work best for you and your child. And we’re here to help you choose the best baby thermometer with our guide about it.

Different types of baby thermometers work differently, which also affects measurement accuracy. Before investing a certain amount in a baby thermometer, it is important to know what thermometers there are on the market and how they differ. In this line of thought, below we will look at what kind of best thermometer for a baby you can buy.

1. Rectal Thermometer

Pros: This type of baby thermometer consistently produces the most accurate results, which is vital for newborn babies. As for the price, this baby thermometer is relatively inexpensive. Measuring the temperature with this type of thermometer is appropriate for babies between the ages of 0 and 3 years.

Cons: You need to wait a bit to get the temperature data. This can irritate the baby or wake it up if it sleeps. Also, many parents worry about not hurting their children when using a rectal thermometer. However, the best baby rectal thermometers are designed in a way that they cannot be placed too far in and cause injury.

2. Multi functional Baby Thermometer

Pros: With this type of baby thermometer you can measure the temperature orally, rectally or under the armpit. This is one of the cheapest options for a baby thermometer and at the same time, it gives accurate measurements, especially when applied rectally.

Cons: To accurately measure the temperature, multi functional thermometers require close contact with the body surface. So, by buying such a thermometer, fans of the usual “under the arm” measurement can be disappointed. To obtain accurate results, the measurement should be significantly longer, which is unpleasant for the child.

3. Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Pros: This type of baby thermometer uses an infrared sensor to measure the temperature of the temporal artery. These thermometers are safe, easy to use and comfortable. And studies show they deliver accurate results at any age. The biggest plus here is that the infrared thermometer is a contact less thermometer for a baby, and the measurement is ready in hundredths of a second.

Cons: This is a relatively new type of baby thermometer, but with a higher price. The infrared thermometer also has high environmental requirements and is best used at room temperature above 15 degrees. Direct sunlight and a cold outside environment will greatly increase the error of the measurement results.

4. Ear Thermometer

Pros: The baby ear thermometers use an infrared beam to measure the temperature in the baby’s ear canal. They are usually fast, safe and quite comfortable. Also, keep in mind that the hypothalamus is the brain’s body temperature control center so that the tympanic membrane can clearly and accurately reflect changes in body temperature.

Cons: They can be a little trickier to use because you need to fit the tip accurately to get the right measurement. This type of baby thermometer is only recommended for children over six months of age. Besides, measuring body temperature with an ear thermometer is not an easy endeavor for ear infections.

5. Oral Thermometers

Pros: Oral thermometers have a longer tube at the active end, providing a larger surface for faster reading. They are also unaffected by the external conditions – they can read correctly at a temperature range from 0 ° C to + 50 ° C and relative humidity from 15% to 95%. The oral temperature measurement method is quite convenient and effective.

Cons: The oral thermometer is suitable for children of at least four years of age who can safely hold the thermometer under their tongue for some time. And it is necessary for accurate measurement. Note also that the tip of the thermometer must be completely disinfected before use.

6. Pacifier Thermometer

Pros: This is an alternative to an oral thermometer for babies. From the outside, the device looks like the most common teats, but its body has a reading screen. A big advantage here is the ability to measure temperature without disturbing the baby. The speed and safety of use are also not to be underestimated.

Cons: Many doctors are opposed to using these types of thermometers because their readings are not as accurate as of the readings of the other types of baby thermometers. A serious disadvantage is that there are difficulties in sterilizing the device (although there are folding models that can be washed and sterilized).

7. Armpit Thermometer (Axillary Thermometer)

Pros: These are probably our best-known baby thermometers. They are easy to use and can be used at any age. Another important benefit is safety. The outer shell of most axillary thermometers is made of plastic. It doesn’t matter if the baby throws them during the use process.

Cons: It is quite difficult to measure the temperature under the arm of a baby with a temperature that does not stand still for more than 2 seconds. The other disadvantage is that they are not as accurate as rectal, ear or forehead thermometers. Also, make sure your baby’s skin is dry before measuring the temperature, otherwise, this will also affect the measurement accuracy.

Factors To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Best Baby Thermometer

There are currently several digital thermometers on the market. However, choosing the best thermometer for a baby is not easy. You can’t just buy any unless you’re ready to change it after a while. Each child is different, choosing a suitable baby thermometer strictly individual. And how to choose the best baby thermometer for your toddler? Here are some tips to help you.

1. Is It Appropriate For Your Child’s Age?

Some thermometers can be used by all age groups, while others are specifically designed for the bodies of babies and young children to function properly. When buying the best baby thermometer, read the product leaflet carefully to make sure you are purchasing something you can use.

A rectal thermometer and a multi functional thermometer can be used at any age. However, they are highly recommended by pediatricians for newborns because they give the most accurate readings. Most rectal thermometers have a wider handle, which prevents the thermometer from being fitted in more than 2-3 centimeters. The multi functional baby thermometer does not have such an extension on the handle, so be careful when placing it.

If your baby is more restless, it is best to have a contact less thermometer. Quite frankly, this is not the best way to measure the exact body temperature, since any motion can also give a deviation in measurement. For slightly older children, a year and a half or two, measuring with a rectal thermometer can also be problematic. In this case, it is advisable to have a contact less thermometer or digital ear, forehead or armpit thermometer.

2. Accurate Temperature Measurement

Probably the most important of all factors when buying the best toddler thermometer. When you have doubts about your child’s fever, you should make sure that the thermometer readings are correct. Choose one that medical professionals unanimously agree is appropriate.

There is nothing more discouraging than measuring your child’s temperature just to see that the results are completely different in the next measurement. If the thermometer is used properly and correctly, the readings should be the same for successive measurements. So choose a reliable thermometer.

It often turns out that measurement errors are made by people, not by devices. Because when we buy something new, we do not try to study the instructions for its use in detail. Be sure to read the tips on correct temperature measurement in every way before accusing the thermometer of inaccuracy.

3. Quick Results

Newborns are not very patient about measuring their temperature. So when you buy baby thermometers for them, choose ones that can quickly measure their temperature without struggling. It is not a pleasure to have to hold them for a minute while taking the measurement. It can also cause you to make mistakes and misread the temperature.

Something soothing – with most digital thermometers, you no longer have to torture your baby to stand still until the thermometer reads the temperature. Fast reading makes things so much easier and you don’t have to repeat the whole procedure to move or slip the thermometer. The best baby thermometers deliver results in less than 10 seconds and a quality contact less thermometer measures within a second.

4. Extras

For you to be able to measure the temperature, it would be good if the baby thermometer gives an indication when the temperature is measured. Some baby thermometers do it either by an acoustic signal or by illuminating the digital display.

And the best toddler thermometer further facilitates the procedure by showing red or green light depending on whether the temperature is above or below certain values.
Many digital thermometers also have an internal memory that can store from one to about 20-30 previous temperature measurements.

This eliminates the need to record the temperature immediately you measured in the middle of the night or early in the morning. It is also quite useful if you want to make sure that you remember the temperature readings correctly.

Once you have an idea of ​​what kind of baby thermometer you are looking for, here are some models that might further help you. They meet the criteria of the best baby thermometer set by specialists:

Top 15 Best Baby Thermometers of 2020

1. iProven Medical Digital Ear Thermometer

iProven Best Baby Thermometer



The thermometer is two in one – it can be used both for measuring the temperature of the forehead as well as the ear of the child. All you have to do is switch the buttons.

Not only is it easy to use, but it is also extremely fast. The results are displayed only 1 second after you put it in your child’s ear or forehead. This will be indicated by a sufficiently strong signal to indicate that the job is done. It also comes with a fever alarm, and the last 20 readings can be easily recalled.

When it comes to measuring temperature in babies, our baby’s safety and convenience are always at the forefront. According to these criteria, pediatricians and medical professionals trust this thermometer because he is clinically tested and proven for unfailing accuracy. What’s more – it is a secure solution for all ages. This means that once you buy it, you can use it for years. Good for your budget, right?


  • Features a fever alarm
  • Easy to use
  • Fast reading
  • Bright screen with clear numbers


  • None so far

2. iProven DT-R1221A

iProven DT-R1221A



This soft tip electronic thermometer is designed for fast, easy and safe temperature measurement. Accurate and extremely convenient, it can be used for both rectal and oral temperature measurements. At the same time, you do not need to keep track of the minutes for the measurement, because when the measurement is completed it will sound an alarm. There is an LCD display that clearly shows the measured performance.

The biggest fear for the parent is the incorrect placement of the rectal thermometer. Well, with iProven these fears will disappear. The flexible tip allows you to take temperatures without problems. In just 10 seconds. And since the tip is also waterproof you can clean the thermometer easily.

The use of the thermometer provides comfort and convenience for both the child and the mother. It also has a lightweight and practical shape, suitable for carrying in your bag, hand luggage, anywhere, anytime. It can be used by all your family members, though it is specifically designed for babies.


  • Flexible tip for more safety
  • Easy to use
  • Fast reading


  • None so far

3. Amplim Best Head Thermometer

Amplim Best Head Thermometer



This contact less thermometer allows measuring the temperature of the forehead from a distance of about 3 centimeters. It uses an infrared sensor, which can be used to measure the temperature of liquids in addition to measuring the body temperature.

Another advantage here is that the easy-to-read color-coded smart LCD indicates green, yellow, red colors for normal, elevated and high temperatures. Only within 1 second. Quick, right? This best baby thermometer also allows you to track previous temperature readings and can store up to 32 previous results. We know how important it is to monitor temperature changes in babies, don’t we?

The thermometer has an ergonomic and compact design – as if specifically designed for quick and gentle temperature reading. This makes it suitable for measuring the temperature of babies, even when sleeping.


  • Can show a reading within 1 second
  • Stores upto 32 results
  • Color coded lcd


  • None so far

4. Good baby Thermometer

Goodbaby Thermometer



We are adamant here – with its improved features, it is the best baby thermometer 2020. Multi functional in every respect. It can measure the temperature of your baby’s forehead as well as in its ear. It can show you the value in Celsius or Fahrenheit scale. It handles both light and dark. Suitable for all ages.

This baby thermometer is relatively inexpensive while measuring body temperature quickly and accurately. The manufacturer gives a possible deviation of measurement of 0.1 F, which is a great precision. At the same time, it is extremely comfortable as it will not bother your child in any way. Its infrared technology will show you the data in seconds after turning on its button. This makes it easy to use.

It is difficult for many parents to judge when the temperature is high enough to cause anxiety. Well, with this best toddler thermometer that’s over. Its fever alarm will tell you if something is wrong, comparing the 35 past readings it remembers.


  • Multi functional thermometer
  • Extremely comfortable for the child


  • Not as precise as some other models

5. iProven Digital Ear Thermometer

iProven Digital Ear Thermometer



One of our favorite best thermometers for babes. Because it is both practical and accurate. You can measure the ear and forehead temperature with it. So, without fear of putting it right, you will get very fast readings with unfailing accuracy. However, let’s not overlook the fact that its manufacturers use calibration technology, meaning it is clinically calibrated for medical use.

You do not need to track the time or your work. When this thermometer deals with measurement in exactly 1 second, it will emit a signal loud enough for you to hear, but without scaring your baby. It memorizes the last 20 readings and also comes with a fever alarm, to make sure you are not wrong about being just suspicious about your sweetheart’s high temperature.

The price is always an advantage. And when it comes with quality and a 100-day return guarantee, it makes us put iProven among the best forehead thermometers for babies. But what is even better is that it can be used not only by your child but also by yourself, as it is suitable for every age.


  • Reputed brand for thermometers for babies
  • Measurement in 1 second


  • Not very durable

6. Vigorun Medical Forehead And Ear Thermometer

Vigorun Medical Forehead And Ear Thermometer



Another candidate for the best baby thermometer of 2020. Vigorun is recommended by medical professionals and for good reasons. It delivers reliable results and ensures excellent performance because of its updated high-accuracy sensor probe and the latest smart chip. Thus it is faster, more reliable and safer. And with its mute mode, you will be able to measure your baby’s temperature even when it sleeps.

What has made this thermometer our favorite are its many features as well as its exceptional convenience and ease of use. If the temperature is high, you will be warned by both an acoustic signal and a light signal. And based on the stored data from the last 35 temperature measurements, you will be able to track how it has changed over time. In other words, the thermometer will think for you.

Another big plus in favor of this model – if you need customer support, it will always be there – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And If you are unhappy with the product, which we believe is impossible, you will be able to return it within 60 days.


  • 24 hour customer support
  • Stores upto 35 previous measurements


  • On the more expensive side for the feature set

7. Kinsa Smart Thermometer For Fever

Kinsa Smart Thermometer For Fever



When it comes to measuring baby temperature, rectal thermometers are always the most accurate. However, this thermometer gives you the right to choose since it can be used to measure the temperature orally as well as under the arm. You decide – the results will be accurate and fast. In just 8 seconds you will know what they are, which the thermometer will notify you by beating.

But the wonders that this thermometer offers don’t stop here. If you install the app you will get with it, it will automatically receive the measured temperature data. And it will suggest what you do next. By analyzing information on age, symptoms and temperature readings from the thermometer, the app will tell you if and what medicines to give, whether to take your baby to a pediatrician, or what to do to relieve the symptoms.
And best of all, you can use a thermometer and the app for everyone in your family. They have been identified by experts as suitable for every age – adults, children and babies, even newborns.


  • Has an app support that provides measurement on your phone
  • Compact shade


  • Takes longer to show a result than other devices

8. Mosen Baby Thermometer

Mosen Baby Thermometer



Certainly, the best baby thermometer which is multi functional. It has 4 modes, no less. With it, you can measure the baby’s temperature both on the forehead and ear. But that’s not all – it will help you know the temperature of the room as well as the temperature of the milk. And each of these Mosen will measure in less than a second.

One would think that having so many features, this thermometer would be complex. Not at all. Among its advantages is its ease of use. When its cover is on, measure the temperature of the forehead, and when it is off, measure the ear temperature. And with the function button, you can easily switch the function you need – to measure the temperature of a room, milk or baby.

If most thermometers signal a high-temperature hazard in red, Mosen has expanded the measurement results to 3 sections. If the temperature is normal, the screen lights up green. If it is slightly elevated, the screen turns orange. And in case you have something to worry about – red. And the results of the last 32 measurements show you an easy-to-read line chart.


  • Temperature results are color coded
  • Easy to use
  • Measures within a second


  • Not as accurate as some other models

9. Simplife Digital Infrared

Simplife Digital Infrared


This 2 in 1 infrared thermometer is specifically designed to measure the temperature of the baby’s forehead and ear. The innovative anatomical design of the thermometer makes it safe, fast and convenient. The anatomical shape ensures that the thermometer is correctly positioned during the ear reading. The temperature measurement time is only 1 second. Your child won’t even feel it.

A serious plus is that the measurement data guidelines are easy to read. The LED strip reads the result quickly and easily as it changes color depending on the temperature. If it has crossed the normal limit, the screen will turn red, signaling a danger. You can not miss it – the thermometer will give out 10 short beeps.
If you do not want to scare your child, just measure his or her temperature while he/she is sleeping. With this infrared thermometer, this is easy. Just mute it, the light screen will make sure you see what you are doing and what the thermometer is reading.


  • Allows you to mute the device
  • Innovative design
  • 2 in 1 support


  • Not very compact

10. LPOW Infrared Baby Thermometer

LPOW Infrared Baby Thermometer


LPOW Infrared allows the temperature of a child to be measured through his or her ear or forehead. The unit reads your baby’s temperature quickly and accurately in just 1 second. It is easy to use and suitable for measuring the baby’s temperature even when they are sleeping. And if the temperature is high, the screen naturally turns red to alert you.

The revolutionary dual technology and high sensitivity sensor are extremely accurate in measurement, making it one of the best baby thermometers. Combined with an innovative optical system, the thermometer absorbs heat radiation and converts it to a clinically accurate temperature. The measured values ​​are displayed instantly on a large display.

Although it can be used by all ages, this thermometer is designed for children. Safety comes first. You can safely give it to your child – it will not break and there is no danger of your child swallowing it. Isn’t it what we expect from the best baby thermometer?


  • No risk of breaking like glass models
  • Measures within 1 second
  • Revolutionary dual technology


  • Shape is not ergonomic

11. SANPU Baby Thermometer For Fever

SANPU Baby Thermometer For Fever


Measuring temperature with SANPU is both fast and accurate. This digital thermometer is 2-in-1 again. You can measure the temperature of the forehead and the ear, only by removing the plastic attachment if the measurement is in the ear of the child. The thermometer should touch the forehead and stay there for only about a second. Measurement in the ear is just as fast, but the tip of the thermometer must be properly positioned.

When it comes to technological precision, SANPU is definitely the best baby thermometer. Not only does it take your baby’s temperature into account, but it also takes into account the temperature of the environment, eliminating its effects through its built-in sensors. This means that you can easily measure your baby’s temperature even when you are outside. And you will still be sure of the results. It is no accident that this thermometer is certified by CFDA for accuracy.

At the same time, SANPU will save you money as it is suitable for all ages. And the manufacturer’s warranty is 12 months!


  • CFDA certified for accuracy
  • 12 months warranty
  • Easy to use


  • Shape is not ergonomic

12. Metene Infrared Infant Thermometer

Metene Infrared Infant Thermometer


Metene Infrared is a medical device, a non-contact infrared thermometer for children, measuring the temperature for just 1 second without having to touch the child. This is one of the best forehead thermometers for babies that uses new technology with infrared sensors for quick and accurate measurements. The unit automatically shuts off after 1 minute.

Thanks to the built-in memory, it automatically displays the last measured temperatures. Every parent needs to obtain reliable information about the child’s temperature at the first suspicion that it is rising. But children do not like to stay stationary for a long time and therefore do not like to get their temperature measured. And it is always a bad idea to disturb sleeping children. Easy and fast to use, Metene is the solution to these problems.

You need to know that measuring the temperature at different places in the body will give different readings. Normally, the temperature measured orally is different from that measured axially and it is wrong to compare the two readings.


  • Easy to use device
  • Measures within a second
  • Unit has auto shut off feature


  • Shape is not ergonomic

13. 8-in-1 Professional Chooseen Thermometer

8-in-1 Professional Chooseen Thermometer


Chooseen is recommended and certified by CE and FDA medical professionals. But it is not the reason why we chose to put in our list of the best baby thermometers. It was because of its accurate results and excellent performance. It was because of its upgraded processing system, using the updated high-accuracy sensor probe and the latest smart chip. All these making it faster, more reliable and safer.

To read a thermometer, it is important for us not only to be accurate but also to provide comfort for our baby. Well, this is exactly it. With it, you can measure ear or forehead temperature without even touching your child. And the results will be immediate. In degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. In the dark or the light. Outside or inside the room.

The fact that the thermometer is universal is also not neglected – it is suitable for any age. And with it, you can easily measure the temperature of a room or any liquid without even touching it. Doesn’t it sound good to you?


  • Certified by CE and FDA
  • Excellent performance
  • Upgraded processing system for results


  • Device is bulkier than some other options

14. Paramed Instant Thermometer

Paramed Instant Thermometer


This ear and forehead thermometer uses infrared scanning technology for convenient and instant temperature measurement. Easy-to-use and extremely accurate Paramed Instant allows rapid ear or forehead temperature readings. And its fever alarm will alert you if out-of-normal deviations occur. Its capability to store the last 12 measured temperatures is also a valuable function.

What we love about this thermometer is the extreme ease of use. It has only 1 button that allows us to decide which temperature we want to measure. Everything else the thermometer does on its own. No need to bother with the timing or worry about turning it off. This is also its job.

We must never forget about the guarantees. They take care of our peace of mind. The manufacturers of Paramed Instant are so convinced of the quality of their product that they are ready to refund us any amount if we are not satisfied with its performance.


  • Fever alarm
  • Good accuracy


  • Odd placement of the button

15. URWILL 3-in-1 Forehead And Ear Thermometer

URWILL 3-in-1 Forehead And Ear Thermometer



Another great multi functional thermometer. In addition to accurately measuring our baby’s body temperature, we can also use it to measure the surface temperature (e.g. baby bathwater) or one of the air. The thermometer measures temperature through infrared technology. The high-temperature warning is received by the LED signal on the display and by an acoustic signal.

The product also has the function of keeping information about the measured temperature for the last 20 times. This will allow us to compare how our child’s temperature changes over time and whether we need to take action. And since the data is only taken in 1 second, our baby does not even need to feel that we are measuring its temperature.

The thing that drew us here, in addition to all the other pluses, is the fact that the thermometer is energy-saving. It will automatically shut off once it feels we no longer need it.


  • Fast measurements within 1 second
  • Easy to use


  • Not easy to travel with due to the shape

Frequently Asked Questions on Baby Thermometers

1. Which Type Of Thermometer Is Most Accurate For Babies?

When choosing a thermometer for your baby, accuracy is paramount. The data is most accurate when you measure the temperature rectally. However, many parents worry about using this method.

Therefore, manufacturers have taken care to increase the accuracy of the reading of ear and forehead thermometers through infrared technology.

However, when choosing such a thermometer, make sure it is among the best forehead thermometers for babies. Only the best baby thermometers can guarantee your safety and convenience as well as the accuracy of the reported results.

2. Which Thermometer Is Better For Babies?

As annoying as it is, all pediatricians agree that the best baby thermometers are the rectal ones because of their accuracy. They recommend using them at least until the baby is 3 months old.

For you to be more comfortable that you will not injure your child when fitted with such a thermometer, we assure you that the best rectal baby thermometer is the one with restraints that will allow you to decide how to put them.

3. What Is The Best Thermometer For Home Use?

To choose the best baby thermometer you need to consider several criteria. It is not only the accuracy that makes a thermometer good. It is also important that it is appropriate for your child’s age, safe, fast and easy to use.

The best baby thermometers show you both the results of past temperature measurements as well as if the temperature currently measured is dangerous and you need to take action.

4. Can You Use A Forehead Thermometer On A Newborn?

Modern technologies have made the forehead thermometers a preferred choice for many parents. Their technology is being refined and they are already showing exceptional accuracy.

However, when choosing, make sure you choose the best forehead thermometer for your baby. Be sure to look at the deviation data the thermometer gives when measuring the temperature. Or just look at our suggestions for the best baby thermometer – that’s where we’ve rated it.

Best Baby Thermometer – Conclusion

There is hardly anyone that needs to explain why temperature is measured – deviation from the norm is one of the first signs of a health problem. There are many different types of thermometers available on the market: mercury, electronic and infrared, contact and contact less, interchangeable and disposable. And each has its purpose, advantages, and disadvantages.

When choosing a baby thermometer, it is advisable to rely on companies that have established themselves in the manufacture of thermometers for medical and home use. Thermometers must also be with proven durability, reliability, ease of use and comfort.

Among the best baby thermometers we recommend, you’ll find simple digital thermometers, ear thermometers to fully contact less thermometers. They are all designed to measure temperature as quickly as possible and with minimal contact, and are suitable for babies, children and adults.

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