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Best Baby Books of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. I Love You Moon & Back

I Love You To The Moon And Back - The Book About Love


2. Press Here

Press Here - The Creatively Simple Book


3. Little Blue Truck

Little Blue Truck - The Musical Book


Studies have shown that reading books to babies have several benefits. It improves language development, teaches them to communicate, and eventually develops the love for reading as they grow older.

There is no excuse for parents not to read to their babies, given the thousands of available books that we have at our fingertips.

To help ensure that you pick the best ones, we’ve rounded up some of the most practical tips you need to consider in buying books. We’ve also enumerated some of the best baby books that moms and dads love to read to their little ones.


How To Buy The Best Baby Books?

There are several options parents can choose from in buying books for their babies. Some are worth every penny you spend, while others end up being disappointments.

To make sure that you purchase the most entertaining and beneficial books for your babies, here are some practical tips you can follow in choosing your titles:

1. Pick An Age-appropriate Baby Book

  • For Newborn Babies:

Newborn babies love to hear familiar voices, especially their mommy’s. Reading practically anything to them would be beneficial. However, it might be wise to choose books that have a lot of rhyming words that can be delivered in a sing-song tone. This is because the rhythm they hear will end up soothing them.

Newborn babies also respond to the colors black, white, and red. To capture their attention, pick books that predominantly use these colors. These high contrast colors will be most appealing to them and will hold their attention longer.

  • For Older Babies:

As babies grow older, they become more interactive during reading sessions. They will start using their hands to grab and touch the books. Take advantage of this curious stage and introduce them to the world around them.

You can invest in laminated board books that are short and colorful. This is sure to capture and hold their attention while ensuring the book stays intact. The sturdier pages won’t easily get destroyed even as your baby tries to throw, chew, and also pull the book apart.

You can also opt to invest in good cloth books. Although limited in terms of choices, these books can also be a great way to introduce them to specific objects and animals without having to worry about pages getting torn out.

Use activity books that present little surprises for your baby. Choose those that have small peek-a-boo windows, mirrors, or even different kinds of texture also to introduce different sensations to your baby.

  • For Toddler Babies:

Do not stop reading to your babies even as they grow older, and their interest changes. Toddlers are usually known for running around and being active, so it is even more important to exert effort in reading books at this stage.

It will teach them to slow down, help establish a bedtime routine, and significantly expand their vocabulary.

To capture your toddlers’ overactive imagination, choose books that are aligned to their interests. If they are obsessed with cars, choose a good story whose primary characters are cars.

If they are starting to speak, choose books where they can easily identify familiar things and help them to say the words. For instance, if you have a pet dog, pick a book about animals and encourage them to say the names of each one and the sounds they make.

Toddler kids can also be exposed to longer story lines and subtler colors in picture books. You cannot go wrong with Caldecott winners and other award-winning books. These types will still teach your kids the basics like ABCs, numbers, shapes, animals, feelings, behavior, manners, etc. through the use of creative plots and stunning artwork.

Since they are likely to just nap once a day during this age, it is during this time that you can develop the bedtime reading habit. This is a great way to unwind and bond with your child. Cuddle up with them, turn down the light, and pick a book that has a relaxing theme to it.

2. Pick A Baby Book That Is Aligned To What You Want To Teach

You may be the type of parent who wants their baby to learn their ABCs or numbers early on. Or you may be the type who would instead teach them about values before anything else.

No matter what you wish to prioritize, you are sure to find books that will be aligned with what you want to teach. Ideally, for younger babies, you will want to choose books with more pictures than words.

Let them explore the book, touch it, and talk to them about the pictures. If you’re teaching them numbers, get actual objects and start counting instead of just showing them the actual numerical figures.

If you have a book about animals, take it one step higher by taking your babies out for a walk and finding the animals you see in the book. This will help them make better sense of the world around them.

For older toddlers, you may start introducing books with more words, approximately about 2-3 sentences on each page. This will get them interested in more complex concepts, widen their imagination, extend their vocabulary, and make better sense of the world.

It’s a great time to teach them about their feelings, dealing with other people, and even knowing oneself.

3. Pick A Baby Book That Your Baby Can Handle

Make sure that your baby can easily handle the books you buy. For younger children, get small books that they can easily manipulate. Do not get oversize books as they will only get frustrated trying to carry it around.

Choose sturdier pages, too. Board books, cloth books, and even musical books can be used since these are not the type that can easily be torn apart. Additionally, the pages are more comfortable to turn, thus encouraging them to turn the pages and improving their gross motor skills.

For older kids, you can opt to get bigger books made out of paper. Teach them early on to take good care of the pages and treat books with respect. Read to them consistently, ideally at least 1-2 books a day.

They will observe the way you handle the books and how you read. Encourage repetition and questions to help them learn better.

Now that you know more or less the type of book you need to buy for your baby, you can start researching what titles to buy. To help you jump start this joyful journey to building your mini library, consider these books that have been dubbed by parents as some of the best baby books in the market today.

Top 15 Best Baby Books of 2020

1. I Love You To The Moon And Back – The Book About Love

I Love You To The Moon And Back Best Baby Book


This is a board book recommended for children ages 2 to 5. It was beautifully written by Amelia Hepworth about the relationship of a parent with his or her child. It is a great bedtime story to read as it reiterates how much parents love the small mundane activities they do with their babies.

This book has a very positive tone to it. Although not educational, it is a wonderful book because it talks about something even more important – the concept of love.

It’s a pretty thick board book, composed of roughly 28 pages. It may seem long, but it’s quite short as each page only has one phrase or one sentence at most.

The illustrations are beautiful, and its colors subtle, which makes it even more perfect for bedtime story telling. It doesn’t have extremely bright colors that might just perk up your child.

If told in a slow, calm voice, this might just be one of the best baby books you can use to help your child unwind.


  • It’s a small book that is easy to handle.
  • It’s a board book that is also hard to tear apart.
  • The story is positive and heartwarming.
  • Its characters are animals, which can be used to teach your child about their names and the sounds they make.
  • It’s rhyming and encourages sound repetition.


  • It ends with the parent saying the day is done, so it primarily functions as a bedtime book and nothing more.
  • It could have been a good book for younger kids, but it is too long.
  • Colors will not be attractive to younger children.

What Makes It Different:

It’s a great resource to teach children about love, particularly how it is more than just an emotion but a continuous manifestation through concrete actions. It also shows them that love does not have to be complicated, but could be expressed in simplest ways like spending time together, rubbing noses, or even cuddling in bed at night.

2. Press Here – The Creatively Simple Baby Book

Press Here - The Creatively Simple Book


This is a wonderfully interactive book created by Herve Tullet that is recommended for kids aged 3 to 5 years old. It introduces colors and the concept of following instructions in a fun and entertaining way.

Definitely not for bedtime, as this book will surely excite the kids to participate actively and listen during reading time.

This is a board book that has been on the New York Bestseller’s list for a very long time. It comes as no surprise as it has to be one of the most entertaining books to read for both children and adults.

This book was brilliantly written to include the child in the storytelling process. Each page is turned with the parent reading the text, and the child doing a simple action that will be vital for the next page.

In other words, one can only finish this book with both parent and child working together.

This book also uses just a handful of colors that are simple yet vibrant. It can be used as an educational resource to teach children about counting, colors, and shapes.


  • This is a book that’s guaranteed to be worth every penny as it is the longest title in the New York Bestseller’s list.
  • It’s a fun interactive book that will encourage your child to listen and read.
  • This book is a board book filled with vibrant colors.
  • It encourages one’s use of imagination.


  • It’s a book that is not appropriate for younger kids since it will be quite hard for them to follow some of the instructions.
  • Some may classify this as a non-educational book, but it could be depending on if you’re willing to take it a notch higher by discussing counting, shapes, and colors.

What Makes It Different:

This book is magical for children. Each page is creatively intertwined together and encourages the interaction of both parent and child, and inspires the use of one’s imagination.

Not only does it promote cooperation, active participation, and listening, but this book also shows how important it is to follow instructions no matter how simple. This is one of the most creatively written and best baby books in the market today.

3. Little Blue Truck – The Musical Baby Book

Little Blue Truck - The Musical Book


Little Blue Truck is a board book written by poet Alice Schertle. It’s a story about friends and helping each other out as it narrates how a big dump truck gets stuck in the mud and how his friend, the little blue truck, and a pack of animals help him out.

This book is ideally pegged for babies up to three years. It’s packed with different kinds of sounds – ranging from what sounds cars make to the sounds animals produce. It’s a great way to introduce animals to younger babies, and different modes of transportation to older ones.

Although the book is recommended to a young audience, it has pretty lengthy sentences on each page. The illustrations are beautiful, the colors subtle. Ideally, one would want more vibrant hues, but the lack of it does not take away from the essential lesson one wants to share through this story.


  • It’s a board book, perfect for younger kids.
  • It’s a great way to introduce animal sounds and transportation sounds to babies.
  • It has a great story line that emphasizes kindness and the importance of helping out.
  • The artwork is beautiful.
  • It’s a captivating story for older kids.
  • It’s a fun book to read with all the sounds that you have to produce.
  • It has rhyming words, which add to its musicality.


  • The sentences on each page can be quite long, which can easily bore a young child.
  • The colors are not so vibrant, which might not be as appealing to a part of its targeted audience (i.e., the babies).

What Makes It Different:

It’s a “musical” book because of the many sounds you have to make. Additionally, each sentence ends with words that rhyme, which also contributes to the sing-song nature of its delivery.

A great, entertaining book overall. Hopefully, this characteristic of the book will spike the interest of the baby despite the long sentences and more subtle colors it has.

4. Floating Kids Books For Bathtub – Fruits And Sea Animals – The Bath Book

Floating Kids Books For Bathtub - Fruits And Sea Animals - The Bath Book


This book set does not exactly have a story line and is primarily used to entertain kids in the bathtub. Since it’s made of waterproof material, these books are safe to bring into the bathroom to help your kids stay still while they are being bathed.

Each page is filled with big pictures that have been colored vibrantly. It encourages hand movement, comprehension, and even learning as you can use a seemingly mundane activity into something more interactive and educational.

The books are composed of 100% BPA free material, which is guaranteed safe for babies. Whether they’re holding it, chewing on it, or playing with it, these books are guaranteed to bring fun during bath time.

These books do not absorb water, so it remains lightweight even when wet. It’s easy to dry as well, which means it can be taken into bed right after. It’s ideally used by babies who can sit in the tub unassisted.


  • It’s a great way to entertain kids in the tub, thus eliminating unnecessary mishaps.
  • It’s a great way to educate them with simple pictures and bright colors.
  • It is made of 100% BPA free material – perfectly safe for kids.
  • It’s lightweight, easy to store and take care of.
  • It’s hard to destroy and safe to use, whether in or out of the water.


  • There is no storyline. These books are meant to be kept short.
  • This is not exactly a book meant to be read to children. It serves as a distraction more than a learning tool.

What Makes It Different:

These kinds of books are primarily used as a distraction during bath time to prevent kids from standing up, crying, or even doing rough play in the tub. The content is limited and usually has no storyline. Illustrations are cute and bright enough to attract and keep the attention of younger children.

5. Dear Zoo – The Lift The Flap Book

Dear Zoo - The Lift The Flap Book


Dear Zoo is another well-loved board book by babies and toddlers. It’s a short story of how a little child goes to the zoo and asks for a pet. The zoo obliges but sends a whole slew of animals that are not quite right.

This hilarious situation goes on for several pages and has proven to be an entertaining plot for both children and adults alike.

This book is a great way to teach little children about animals. Its drawings are not too cartoonish but still adorably cute.

This way, the artwork will be accurate enough for children to be able to identify specific characteristics that are unique to the animals. The colors are also bright enough to capture their attention, and its length is short enough to be enjoyed by them.

What’s great about this book is the interactive lift the flap feature it has. It’s a surprise on each page for the young reader. This will surely add to the book’s appeal.

Dear Zoo has been on the bestseller’s list for several years and is already dubbed a classic that must be found on every child’s shelf.


  • It’s a sturdy board book that can be enjoyed even by young children.
  • It’s a great educational tool that can be used to teach about animals, their unique characteristics, and the sounds they make.
  • The lift the flap feature is something babies will enjoy.
  • The artwork is not too cartoonish.
  • The colors are vibrant and pleasing to look at.
  • Some sentences are repetitive, which is good to help exercise their memory.
  • The storyline is entertaining and hilarious.
  • It’s a bestselling book that is guaranteed to be enjoyed by both child and parent.


  • It does not have the usual rhyme that most baby books have.
  • If younger kids handle the book, lift the flap feature can easily be destroyed.

What Makes It Different:

The lift the flap feature is sure to capture the hearts of the children. It’s a great way to get them involved in the reading process, and it’s something that could spark their interest. Unfortunately, these flaps can easily be torn out if the baby is too young.

6. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom – The Alphabet Book

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom - The Alphabet Book


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is another excellent book that is already considered to be a classic. It was written by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault to cater to kids aged 1 to 4 years old. It’s a fantastic book that creatively teaches the alphabet.

This book features a delightful romp of how the letters are trying to go up a coconut tree. It introduces the letters one at a time, so it doesn’t get too overwhelming for the child.

The book also contains rhymes, which adds to the overall musicality and whimsy of the book. Its colors are basic and bright, great for capturing the attention of kids without distracting them from the actual content of the book.

It also comes in a board book form so it can be played even by young children. The book is only a few pages long, and each page only contains a short sentence.

With the way it was made, it seems it was designed to ease a baby into the wonderful world of letters, words, and reading.


  • It’s colorful, simple, and fun to look at.
  • The words are repetitive, thus encouraging memorization.
  • The rhyme is catchy.
  • The book is educational and presents the alphabet in a fun and understandable manner.
  • The words can be read or sung, which makes it a very entertaining piece of literature.
  • It’s short, and each page features big and bright pictures.


  • Since there is no storyline or characters, the book might get a bit too redundant afterward.
  • There are no other opportunities to teach new concepts, as it mainly focuses on the alphabet.

What Makes It Different:

The words of the book can be read or sung by the parent. These two options, especially the latter, are sure to capture the attention of the child quickly. It will also encourage memorization, since reading it has been presented in such a fun way. It’s a great foundational book that will encourage learning in young babies.

7. If Animals Kissed Goodnight – The Dual Purpose Book

If Animals Kissed Goodnight - The Dual Purpose Book


If Animals Kissed Goodnight is a sweet bedtime story written by Ann Whitford Paul, it tells of the story of how parent animals would kiss their babies, and how it differs from how humans do it.

It’s also an adorable way of communicating to babies how parents, no matter if they’re people or animals, love their children and express it in different ways.

This book is ideally used for bedtime, since most of the settings presented are associated with the sun setting, the moon shining, and the animals settling down to sleep. The theme is already relaxing in nature, and when read in a calm, soothing voice will likely help babies unwind as well.

The words also rhyme, which will help commit words to memory because of its repetitive sing-song intonation. This book is ideal for older toddlers, usually aged 3 to 6 years old because each page has at least two sentences.

Additionally, it also introduces several animals that could be too overwhelming for younger kids. The artwork is charming and cartoonish, and the colors have been toned down as well.

The board is small enough but quite heavy, given that it has 34 laminated board book pages.


  • It’s a great bedtime book.
  • It can be an educational book because of all the animals the author introduces to the reader.
  • It can also be used as a non-educational book, and instead focus on the emotional and relational aspect of
    the story.
  • The colors are muted, which contributes to the overall relaxing tone of the book.


  • There is no plot line since it mainly shows how animals differ from one another. It would have been nice to insert a short storyline since the book is recommended for older toddlers.
  • It’s a pretty long board book at 34 pages.

What Makes It Different:

It’s a great book that can be used for educational or non-educational purposes. Depending on what you want to talk about with your child, you may opt to go the educational way and talk about the animals, their characteristics, sounds, etc.

You may also choose to go the non-educational route and instead discuss the emotional and relational aspect of the parent and child animals and how it relates to you and your baby.

8. On The Night You Were Born – The Birthday Book

On The Night You Were Born - The Birthday Book


On the Night You Were Born is a beautifully written book by Nancy Tillman. It talks of how the whole world rejoices when a family welcomes a special bundle of joy.

It’s a wonderful way of expressing just how special a child is to a parent. This is a great bedtime story, and also a sentimental book that could be read during the eve of a child’s birthday.

This board book is medium in size and consists of 32 pages. It is recommended to be read to young children aged 1 to 4 years old.

The sentences rhyme, which means it could be delivered in a nice sing-song tone. The artwork is fantastic, too. It adds to the dreamy and whimsical feel of the book.

Unfortunately, the colors and techniques used in the illustrations might not be so appealing for younger babies as it would to older toddlers.

It is an entertainingly sweet read that both the parent and child will enjoy. The length of the sentences on each page varies – some with two sentences, while others have just a few words.

This may also present a concern as the pages with longer sentences could present a pace too slow for the kids to enjoy.


  • It’s a great story of how the world celebrates the life of children.
  • The rhymes add a sing-song nature to the book.
  • The illustrations are beautiful.
  • The book is still relatively easy to handle even by young toddlers, even if it is medium-sized.
  • It’s beautifully written and very heartwarming.
  • It’s a great bedtime story.


  • The words on the pages vary – it lacks consistency. Some have two sentences, while others just have three words.
  • Having too many words on a page can be too overwhelming or tedious for one-year-olds.
  • The artwork may not be too appealing to younger toddlers.

What Makes It Different:

Although recommended to be read to one-year-olds, the artwork and the number of words on the page tell you otherwise. The first page alone features long sentences and muted, dark colors.

This is different from the usual baby books we know that have short phrases and brighter hues. Nevertheless, this is one of the best baby books that you can read to your child, especially on his or her birthday.

9. Dr. Seuss Beginner Book Collection – The Imaginative Book

Dr. Seuss Beginner Book Collection - The Imaginative Book


Dr. Seuss is known worldwide as one of the best books for babies and young children. Several of its titles have been made into movies because of its appeal and popularity.

It features crazy plots, introduces us to never before seen animals, and uses words that we’ve never heard of before. The uniqueness of the book adds to its appeal and encourages children to use their imaginations.

This book set includes several of our favorite Dr. Seuss titles, including Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, Green Eggs and Ham, and many others. Each of these titles features one of a kind stories and characters that any child will find endearing.

Although recommended to be read by older kids, these books can still be read to the younger toddlers because it’s rhymes encourage language development and communication.

The repetitive nature of the rhyming words also teaches children about letter sounds, which are foundational in teaching them how to read.

The illustrations are one of a kind, high contrast, and memorable. All these contribute to the success Dr. Seuss books have had over the years. No matter what title you get, you can never go wrong with Dr. Seuss.


  • Dr. Seuss is known for producing classic titles. You will not go wrong with these books.
  • The use of repetitive rhymes encourages memorization, letter-sound recognition, language development, and, eventually, reading.
  • The illustrations are one of a kind and imaginative.
  • The characters and plot lines are extraordinary and memorable.
  • The books range from pure fun to educational.


  • Some of the books run long, so it is not advisable to be read to younger children.
  • The books are also text-heavy, which means that it is not intended for young kids as well. However, if read with much enthusiasm, there might be a few exceptions to this.

What Makes It Different:

The storyline, the characters, some words, and the illustrations of Dr. Seuss range from mundane to crazy. What’s guaranteed is these will be memorable, fun to read, and sure to inspire your imagination.

All these have contributed to the success of these books over the years, and it will also guarantee its continued success in the generations to come.

10. Goodnight Moon – The Bedtime Book

Goodnight Moon - The Bedtime Book


Another well-loved bedtime story makes it to our list of best baby books. Goodnight Moon was written by Margaret Wise Brown for kids aged 1 to 4 years old.

It brilliantly captures hints of other well-loved stories and rhymes like three bears on chairs and two kittens with mittens.

The artwork of the book is simple, much like how it’s tone is too. Since it was meant to be seen from the perspective of a child, it makes sense that the illustrations are kept basic but still detailed.

The colors used are predominantly red, blue, yellow, and green – which is usually the first four colors taught to a child. It’s a great strategy employed as it brings familiar concepts to life. The words also rhyme, which makes it easier to remember for the child.

The board book is also small enough to be easily handled by a child even while he or she is lying down in bed. The pages are thick so it can easily be turned, and it won’t fold or tear also if it’s thrown off the bed or chewed.


  • The colors used are familiar to a young child.
  • The story is told from a child’s perspective, making it relatable to them.
  • It’s a great book to read at bedtime because it talks about winding down and preparing for bed.
  • The artwork is based on things a child sees at home, making the setting more familiar to them.


  • If you’ve read this book several times, the colors become tiring to look at. Sometimes you may want to wish for more colors to be featured instead.
  • Some words on certain pages may run a bit too long, especially for one-year-olds.

What Makes It Different:

What’s unique about this book is how it subtly incorporates known and familiar things into the storyline. The mention of the three bears with chairs can easily be tied back to Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.

The referral to the kittens with mittens may be from the famous nursery rhyme 3 Little Kittens. Even the colors used are the ones that are usually first introduced to young babies. In our opinion, this strategy is brilliant as it helps a child relate more to the storyline being read.

11. Love You Forever – The Classic Book

Love You Forever - The Classic Book


Love you Forever is another beautiful book written by Robert Munsch. It tells of the story of a mother who cares for her son from the time he was born until he is grown up.

It beautifully repeats a short statement on every page that captures the love of a mother for her child, regardless of what stage he or she is in life.

This book is ideal for young children aged 4 to 6 years old. It features the different stages each one goes through in life, which makes it a great point of discussion with these young minds.

It also becomes an opportunity to talk about how a mother or a parent’s love does not change even as seasons in life may differ. The illustrations of this book are incredibly detailed and beautiful.

The situations depicted are mundane but relatable. The colors used are muted, classic, and pleasing to look at. The repetitive prose that’s written on every page is what makes this book so special.

It continually reiterates the key takeaway of the story. This is a good strategy as it consistently communicates a special message to the child, and also encourages memorization and word recognition, which are both essential to teaching them to read.


  • The illustrations are beautiful.
  • The story tugs at your heartstrings, and it’s such an excellent book to bond over.
  • The development of the story is relatable.
  • The book comes in pop-up form, which makes it more exciting, especially for the younger audience.
  • The repetition develops vital practices that are essential foundations for reading.


  • The pop up feature can easily be torn out.
  • The pop-up feature may be a form of distraction, especially for the younger ones.
  • The words on each page are long, which could still bore a child even if they are already 4 years or older.

What Makes It Different:

The pop-up feature of this book is both a good and a bad thing. It’s good to have because it will capture the attention of your child and will make the reading process more exciting.

However, it is also possible that the child will focus on the pop up more than the story and words being spoken. In that sense, it can come out as more of a distraction instead of a tool in capturing their attention.

12. Jesus Is With Me – The Book That Can Be Read Or Sung

Jesus Is With Me - The Book That Can Be Read Or Sung


Jesus is with Me was written by Debby Anderson. It offers parents an opportunity to share Biblical truth to their children in a fun and relatable way. Jesus is with Me particularly zeroes in on how Jesus is with every child he created, whether they’re on a train, a boat, or even when they’re just jumping around.

This truth can be a source of great comfort, especially for children who are anxious about the dark, sleeping alone, or trying new things.

Jesus is With Me is written beautifully with the use of rhyming words. Just like other books that make use of this technique, rhymes will instill in them the principles of memorization and sound recognition, which are all essential in communication and language development.

The scenarios also included in the book are relatively simple and relatable. It talks of how Jesus is with the child when they’re riding a bike, jumping up and down, or riding a train in the rain.

These become easy talking points with a young child as these are activities they usually do every day.

The illustrations are also very cute and cartoonish perfect for its target audience of babies up to age three. The colors are vibrant and appealing, which are guaranteed to capture and hold the attention of the little ones.


  • The illustrations are cute, and the colors are vibrant, which contributes to the appeal of this book.
  • The situations are relatable as it shows activities little children enjoy.
  • The rhyming words pave the way for memorization and language development.
  • The book communicates an essential biblical truth that kids need to learn.
  • The word can be sung, making it more fun and memorable for the children.
  • The tune of the song seems to be adapted from an already popular song, Jingle Bells, so it’s relatively easy to learn.


  • The book can be isolating, especially for children who belong to a different faith.
  • The illustrations, although cute, look a little bit outdated.

What Makes It Different:

The words of the book can be read or sung to the tune of Jingle Bells. This makes it easier to memorize, more fun to read, and makes the overall experience more enjoyable. All this makes talking about Jesus easier and discussing Biblical truths simpler.

13. Jesus Is Born – The Christmas Book

Jesus Is Born - The Christmas Book


Jesus is Born is another book written by Debby Anderson. Much like the other Anderson book on our list, this also talks about Biblical truth in a way that young children will understand.

This particular title talks about the birth of Jesus and why He is the reason for celebrating Christmas. This book is small enough to be handled by its target audience, babies up to 3 years of age.

Its laminated board pages are easy to turn and sturdy enough to withstand pulls, throws, saliva, and folding. Jesus is Born an 18-page book that condenses in simple terms the birth of Jesus and its importance.

Through the use of vivid illustrations, children can imagine what transpired during that fateful day. This book also makes use of rhymes, so it’s easier to commit to memory.

The repetitive sounds babies hear will make it easier for them to mimic, and eventually develop the skill of talking. This book ideal even for toddlers as it will also expand their vocabulary and help them differentiate between sounds present in rhyming words.


  • The illustrations are vivid and cute.
  • The storyline is important and something worth discussing, especially during the Christmas season.
  • The story is also the foundation of the Christian faith, which is why it is worth reading, especially for Christian families.
  • The words can be read or sung, making the experience of reading more fun.
  • The song is easy to remember since the tune is based on the popular song, Farmer in the Dell.


  • The book focuses on Christmas, which is a holiday not celebrated by everyone. This easily limits the potential reach of the book.
  • The illustrations and colors, although cute and vivid, seem to be outdated.

What Makes It Different:

This is the only book on our list that talks about a holiday that’s widely celebrated across the world. Although not recognized by everyone, it’s great to have this resource as a way of understanding why Christians celebrate Christmas.

It can be used to educate children on the importance of the holiday and remind them that the season goes beyond receiving and giving gifts.

14. Jesus Loves Me – The Universal Truth Book

Jesus Loves Me - The Universal Truth Book


Jesus Loves Me is the third book of Debby Anderson that made it to our best baby books list. Out of the three titles included, this is probably the most popular Biblical truth that parents want to share with their children.

It’s an adaptation of the well-loved song that shares the same title. The book discusses several situations we find ourselves in every day and how in all of those moments, Jesus still loves us.

Like all the other Anderson books, the illustrations in this book are cute and cartoony. Colors are bright, making it appealing to babies and children.

The use of rhyme and repetition are essential in communicating the crucial message of this book as it helps children understand it and just as important: keep it in mind.

The book is also made of laminated board pages and is roughly 18 pages long. The words on the pages are not too long, making it an interesting read even for younger toddlers.

Jesus Loves Me is fun to read and sing along to since most people already know what the tune is like. It’s great to sing at any time of the day as a reminder of just how great Jesus’ love is for His children.


  • The message being communicated in the book is crucial.
  • The repetition and rhyming words help commit this message to memory.
  • The colors are vibrant and pleasing to look at.
  • The books are sturdy enough to withstand chews, throws, and pulls of babies.
  • It contains a universal message that remains true regardless of the beliefs of the person.
  • The words on the pages are just the right amount to keep the attention of the children.


  • Seeing Jesus’ name on the title can be intimidating for some, especially for those who do not practice Christianity.
  • Like in other Anderson books, the artwork can be improved further.

What Makes It Different:

This book speaks of the universal truth that all people need to hear, regardless of their beliefs. It’s a great foundational truth little children need to hear, especially as they grow in a world that has become somewhat hostile. It’s refreshing to see books that speak of love in all circumstances.

15. The Wonderful Things You Will Be – The Best Baby Book

The Wonderful Things You Will Be - The Best Baby Book


This is a wonderfully hopeful book written by Emily Winfield Martin. It illustrates the loving thoughts parents have about their children. This is a great book to read, especially during bedtime, as it gives the little ones a glimpse of what goes on in their parents’ heads.

This book was written for children aged 3 to 7 years old. Since it targets slightly older kids, the book is no longer made of laminated boards. It’s manufactured on glossy paper and hardbound. The downside of this is it can still easily be folded and torn up if the child is not careful.

The story is beautifully written, and its pictures are whimsical. It features cute drawings of a child in different costumes, which adds to the overall pleasing tone and feel of this book.

It’s a great book to read, especially after having a rough day with the kids since it reiterates the wonderful thoughts parents have about their babies.


  • The book offers a unique storyline that gives children an idea of what their parents think of them.
  • The illustrations are adorable; the colors are pastel and toned down.
  • The sentences on each page are relatively short, so children can understand it better.
  • It was written using rhymes to encourage sound differentiation and language development.
  • It celebrates the uniqueness of each child and the dreams of each parent for their babies.


  • The book does not come in laminated boards, so it can easily get torn up.
  • The book is rather big, so it could be harder to handle, especially for the younger kids.

What Makes It Different:

This is the book that gives children an idea of how their parents see them. It’s lovely to read, especially if the day has been hard, and the kids are feeling dejected.

Its message is a good reminder for both parent and child of how precious their relationship is, no matter how hard it may get. Due to the nature of its content, this is easily one of the best baby books in the market today.

Best Baby Books – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What age do babies like books?

You can start reading to babies early on. However, at around 12-18 months, your baby will start showing interest in particular titles. They may point to it often, take it from the shelf, or even throw it at your face just to get you to notice their option.

Follow their lead and read the book they’ve chosen to them. This way, you can take advantage of the interest they are showing and use it to teach them lessons found in the book.

2. Do babies remember what you read to them?

Experts believe that babies can remember pictures, sounds, and toys that are shown to them as early as three months. Their minds are like sponges, and they can absorb so many stimuli from their surroundings. Use this opportunity to instill in them the love of reading and learning.

3. When should I teach my child the alphabet?

The recognition of each child will differ. Some may learn it as early as 2 years old, while some discover it at 5. Because of their ability to absorb information, you may start showing them the letters at 1.5 years old to 2. They may begin recognizing, and babbling letter sounds at 2, but full mastery at this age is not expected.

4. When should I start teaching my baby to read?

Studies have shown that babies can learn the principles of reading as early as 3 months. They begin to recognize pictures, the form of letters, sign language, and even some sounds. In other words, the foundations needed in learning to read are established early on.

Best Baby Books – Conclusion

Reading to babies presents so many benefits to them and your relationship. It is an activity that prepares the foundation for so many essential habits they will need later on in life. At the same time, it nourishes and protects your relationship with them.

Do not take reading to them for granted. There are no known ill effects of this activity.

Read, encourage them to dream, ignite their imagination, and watch them reach heights you never even knew was possible. Help them do this by investing in the best baby books in the market today.

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